We present the new revolutionary beer experience device: SONICBEER®


We use the latest technology for generating 🔊ultrasonic waves that excite the volatile components💥 inside your favorite beer🍺 and breaking some of the intramolecular interactions  ⚛ extracting foam with aromatic compounds. In  a few seconds!⌛


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Beer🍺: the sacred liquid element
As we drink the beer the foam disappears and with the aroma and flavor. The beers foam is the natural defensive layer that protects it from oxidation and retains volatiles.
That’s why… for all those beer lovers who put value in the small details we present the revolutionary new beer experience device: Sonicbeer®
We use the latest technology to generate ultrasonic waves that excite the carbonated volatile components inside your beer by cavitation breaking some of the intramolecular interactions, extracting foam with aromatic compounds … In a few seconds !!!
1. Put water on the base
2. Place the glass on the base
3.Push the button
4. Enjoy!
Now you can experience a better taste with creamy foam and complex mouthfeel….mmm🍺



Take it with you, enjoy with friends and family

Liquid Resistant

Resistant to liquid drops, splashes.


Works great with all kinds of beers.


Reiclyed plastic and no planned obsolescence

Long Lasting AA battery

You can use standar AA bateries for a long lasting  energy reserve.


2 different modes 5 and 10 secs

Science backed

We use the latest technologies to produce high density  ultrasonics.  We are Research experts.


Rohs and CE Certified

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“I love the taste of the beer it really transforms the smell of my favorite beer” Angel Van Der Bremts

A Munich barman

“I Enjoy using this with my friends. Have a really great time. Better 2 than one” Andrea L.

Beer enthusiast Abisinia "Soul of koffee& craft beer "

“It enhances  the aroma and flavour. Im really surprised with the creamy foam.”

John G.

Experienced beer expert

I” have to recognise that it really recover the original taste. I was so curious about this gadget. Very usefull to enjoy the beer at home” Mr. Andrew "The boss"

Beer expert, Birrak beer store

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